Anchor Points Northern Beaches Sydney
What Are Anchor Points?

Anchor Points Northern Beaches Sydney 
Anchor points are designed and engineered fixtures that ensure the safety of a worker at height. There are fall restraint anchor points which include stand alone anchor points as well as static lines, and there are abseiling anchor points designed to completely support a worker's full body weight.

All our workers are qualified to install all these types of anchor points. We choose to install discreet anchor points that have full shock absorbing properties designed to cause minimum impact on a worker if deployed.

Whilst there are many companies who have workers that install anchor points, most are not qualified. Our workers are licensed tradesman who understand the properties and make up of timber, steel and concrete which, in turn, ensures quality and safety.

Why Install Anchor Points?

Anchor points installationWHS (previously known as OH&S) laws have greatly increased the safety of workers. More and more home owners, strata and commercial building owners are recognising their responsibility of ensuring the safety of workers coming onto their property.

Whether installing a full Safe Roof Access System or only a partial system, due to financial constraints, the safety of workers is paramount. We view this as critical, and where possible we will install temporary anchor points to ensure our own safety as we work on your roof, especially near the perimeters.

Sydney anchor points, fall protection systems and safety access systems are an integral part of the Apex Roof and Gutter methodology.

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